Rubber Boot Manufacturing

CHALLENGE: The customer’s newly acquired division was experiencing trouble with a new product launch due to performance problems with another manufacturer’s rubber boot. The boot’s life test target was 100,000 cycles but the current design failed at less than one tenth of the goal. With an exhausted tooling budget, new product was rolling off the production lines. At this point every assembly that made it into the field, before a solution was reached, would require an expensive retrofit.
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Rubber Seal Manufacturing

CHALLENGE: A current supplier was unable to meet the customer’s aggressive launch production schedule. In addition, Moldtech’s validation testing showed inconsistent seal performance. Although still in its early launch stages, the customer was eager to begin working on cost reduction strategies. From a financial standpoint, the sub-production could soon hold up the return on millions of investment.
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Marine Isolator/Seal Manufacturing

CHALLENGE: The complex arrangement of components (engine, drive system, marine electronics) hinged around a main isolator/seal grommet buried deep inside a marine vessel hull. The 18-pound rubber seal was critical, because it was also needed to absorb heavy loads during extreme maneuvers, while isolating the hull from vibration and harshness. No one material existed that could support the severe physical performance requirements and possess the required chemical and environmental resistance.
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